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Secaucus Food Mart

We offer premium food fast.  Check us out for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Our specialty is in the area of customer satisfaction with goods and services we render to our neighborhood. Our regular customers particularly value our relationship and outstanding support we render to our community


  • Egg & Cheese
  • Bacon & Egg
  • Bacon & Egg Cheese
  • BLT
  • Taylor Ham Egg & Cheese
  • Ham & Cheese
  • Sausage Egg & Cheese
  • Bologna/Pastrami/Turkey Egg Cheese
  • Turkey bacon Egg Cheese
  • Omelette
  • Egg Sausage Bacon Taylor Ham
  • Egg Pastrami, Turkey Platter

Hot Sandwiches

bullet Roast Beef
bullet Corned Beef
bullet Pastrami
bullet Chicken Cutlet
bullet Steak & Cheese
bullet Chicken Parmesan
bullet Meatballs & sauce
bullet Fish Fillet
bullet Veggie Burgers
bullet Hamburger & Cheese

Cold Sandwiches

bullet Italian Hoagie
bullet Deluxe Ham
bullet Virginia Ham
bullet Hard Salami
bullet Genoa Salami
bullet Bologna
bullet Turkey Breast
bullet Spicy Ham
bullet Pastrami
bullet Corned Beef
bullet Liverwurst
bullet Roast Beef
bullet Chicken Breast
bullet Pepperoni
bullet Cheese Sandwiches

Hot Dog

bullet Regular Hot Dog
bullet Corn Dog
bullet Toronddo


bullet Super Garden Salad